12 – 28 January 2017 Tartu Art College Gallery Noorus, Tartu, Estonia

Engrossed in curiosity to fill their works with their thoughts, moods and abstract concepts, in order to find the „head and tail“ of both the soul and the tendencies of the society. To visualise thoughts, mix them with the gifts of memory and experiences and thereby conserve something transient, something volatile. To see something for the first time – all this amounts to what artists Sirje and Per work on in their shared studio, and what they showcase in this exhibition!

Communicating a certain message sometimes requires many words. Sometimes, however, too many words can shadow the content, because the message may be hiding behind the words not in them.
Words can alter their meaning when reaching the recipient. Word, a victim of time, is often changed to fit current trends.
In this exhibition viewers are free to interpret the message through their perception and experiences and to compare and verbalise what they see. Sirje shows that reality does not always have to be ugly!
Esthetics can be used to describe something that it really isn’t.
The only art form that needs many words is literature! Sirje is a painter and she speaks through paintings.

Per William Petersen TIME
Time – short or long – means everything to us because it measures our lives. Measuring, in turn, is very important for us – why else would we always measure litres, meters, cold/warm and even mood.
What makes time mystical is that the amount of it cannot be seen, despite having enough clocks and calendars. Insecurity makes people do inexplicable, freakish and irrational things. Murderous and destructive things, but also life-giving and loving things.
The time that has passed is being subtracted from the time that is left. Despite the impossibility of this calculation, people still keep trying. It’s like looking into space and trying to count all the stars. In the end we feel that the truth is within reach, but still out of our reach. 
Seriousness alone is nothing! Humour alone is nothing! Life is glued together of seriousness and humour, being the material that Per makes and build his art of. His humorous approach illustrates our sometimes absurd world.

Exhibition designer: Madis Liplap.
Sponsors: Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Cultural Endowment of Tartu, Estonian Artists’ Association, A. Le Coq, Tartu Art College.