Personal-, international- and group exhibitions

Personal Exhibition Sense and sensitivity. Gallery Haus, Tallinn
Quality. Group exhibition of Pallas Painting Department. Gallery Pallas
Temporary surface. Annual Exhibition of the Estonian Painters’ Union. Pärnu Museum of New Art
Pause. Joint exhibition of Estonian artists. Museum and Art Gallery

Personal Exhibition TAEVANE JA MAINE/Heavenly and Earthly.  Toompea  Castle Art Hall (Parlament) 16.09.-16.10.2020 
LOCAL/GLOBAL 12th Annual Exhibition of Estonian Painters’ Association
Pärnu New Art Museum, 14.02-31.05.2020
Annual Exhibition. Tartu Kunstimaja. 20.12.2019- 19.01.2020
LA GRANDE BELLEZZA. Tallinn Art Space Gallery 08.11.2019- 16.02.2020

Annual Exhibition. Tartu Art Hall. 20.12.2019- 20.01.2020
. Tallinn Art Space Gallery 08.11. 2019 – 08.01.2020
NUDE. HAUS Gallery Estonia Painters Association exhibition. 05.11.- 29.11.
WOMEN ARTISTS FROM PALLAS 1919 – 2019. Gallery Noorus. 29.08.- 21.09.
LA GRANDE BELLEZZA. Pärnu City Gallery City Hall 04.- 28.09.
STORM. 2nd International Sea-themed Biennale “Marīna 2019”. Jūrmala City Museum. 19.07-1.09.
MEETINGS. Triple Exhibition. Gallery Haus, Tallinn 1.07.- 31.08.
Personal Exhibition TOUCHING THE WORLD. Pärnu City Gallery Artists House. 22.05.-22.06.
Estonian Artists Association 19-th Annual Spring Exhibition. Tallinn Art Hall 27.04.-09.06.
VIEW. Pallas University of Applied Sciences Alumns and Students Exhibition. Gallery Noorus. 11.04- 04.05.

Thought. Staging. Estonian Painters’ Association exhibition. Haapsalu City Gallery. 31.10.-25.11.
Abstraktio. Pallas University of Applied Sciences professors paintings exhibition.  Gallery Laikku Tampere, Soome 04.10.-29.10.
Abstraction.Pallas University of Applied Sciences professors and students artworks exhibition Joint Exposition of the Faculty and Students’ Works. Gallery Noorus, Tartu 26.09.-20.10.
International exhibition “Man and Woman”. Pärnu Modern Art Museum 03.06.- 03.09.
International exhibition STABILITY. Tartu Art College painting department and partner College’s professors creation.
SYNERGY. Tartu Art College painting department students and professors exhibition. Pärnu City Gallery Artists House. 25.04.- 26.05.
EST.EETILINE? EST.ETHICAL? Estonian Painters Association Annual exhibition. Pärnu Modern Art Museum 
15.04.- 29.05.

Tartu Annual Exhibition. Tartu Art House
Personal exhibition Yesterday- Today- Tomorrow. 
University of Tartu The Institute of Social Studies.   8.12.17.-8.04.18
“3 AINUS” Rakvere Theatre’s Houses
Arteground International exhibition 26.8.- 17.9. Viljandi, Kondase Keskus.
Pärnu Art Summer 2017 exhibition “3 AINUS” 03.06 – 22.07.2017 Pärnu City Gallery
Right Now! Estonian Painters’ Association Annual Year Exhibition. New Art Museum, Pärnu  08.04. -26.05.
Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird
(Serbia, Catalonia, Estonia) Art Cafe Rakvere, Central Library, Pärnu, Estonia
Personal exhibition Wordless Messages. (with Per W. Petersen- Time). Gallery Noorus, Tartu

Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird (Serbia, Catalonia, Estonia). Gallery Noorus 02.-19.11.
WHITE WATER. Estonian Painters’ Association Exhibition.
Gallery Haus, Tallinn 09.11.-14.12.
MASCULINE EXISTENTIALISM. Art from the Collection of Margus Punab. 
Gallery Noorus 22. 09. -08. 10. 
Tartu Art School 65 Anniversary. Exhibition- Auction.
Gallery Noorus 27.08.-16.09.
Viinistu Art Museum. July 07.07.-07.08.
Pärnu Art Summer. LABYRINTH. Pärnu Ciy Gallery 18.06.-23.07.
ALLTOGETHER- Arteground Art Festival 2016. Viljandi Art Gallery 07.06.-08.07.
TALLINN TEEB TARTUT. Jakobi Gallery 30.05 – 17.06.
SPRING EXHIBITION. EKL 16. Annual Year Exhibition. Tallinn Art Hall 13.05.-19.06.
CHANGING AND UNCHANGING. Estonian Painters’ Association Annual Year Exhibition. Modern Art Museum, Pärnu  01.04. -22.05.
Personal exhibition TWO WORLDS. (with Per W. Petersen Living Together, TRUTH – Is Acidic) Rakvere Theatre’s Houses  12.02.- 29.04.

Tartu Annual Exhibition. 
Tartu Art House. Estonia
ROUTE. Estonian artists’ group exhibition. 
Vana-Võromaa kultuurikoda.
Estonian Painters’ Association exhibition Duubel2.  Gallery Haus, Tallinn
Pärnu City Gallery and Artists’ Hall in Pärnu, Estonia
The 22nd International Nude Art Exhibition Man & Woman- WILD STRAWBERRIES. Modern Art Museum, Pärnu, Estonia
SPRING EXHIBITION. 15th Annual Exhibition of the EAA. Tallinn Art Hall
CONTINUITY AND NOVELTY – Estonia Contemporary Painting.  Modern Art Museum, Pärnu
Personal exhibition SHADE OF COLOUR. Gallery Rütman, Rapla Culture Center, Estonia
Personal exhibition FREEDOM TO BE! Wabadus Café, Tallinn Estonia

Tartu Annual Exhibition. Tartu Art House, Estonia
The 5th Interdisciplinary Culture Festival “CRAZY TARTU 5: THEATRICAL”,
Tartu Art House
Personal exhibition IN THE GAME. Vanemuine Contsert Hall, Tartu Estonia
Pärnu Art Summer. A LIVING CLASSIC. Pärnu City Gallery Estonia
Tartu Observatory.  GLOBE- Design solution to the gallery of conference room, 1th price. Estonia
Group Exhibition of TAC students, and professors  drawings exhibition LABÜRINT  Gallery Noorus, Tartu 
PAINTING FOCUS: Estonian Contemporary Painting./ Estonian Painters’ Association. New Art Museum, Pärnu, Estonia
DELIBERATELY. Group Exhibition of TAC professors. Estonian Tradition Music Centre, Viljandi, Estonia

Tartu Annual Exhibition. Tartu Art House. Estonia
The 4th Interdisciplinary Culture Festival “Crazy Tartu”
Church of Tartu University
Personal exhibition FRAGMENTS. Hopner House, Tallinn, Estonia
EAA 13. Year Exhibition  SPRING EXHIBITION Tallinna Art Hall, Estonia
Exhibition of New Paintings- Estonian Painters’ Association. Modern Art Museum, Pärnu, Estonia
NAKED ME. Group Exhibition of TAC students, alums and professors. Pärnu City Gallery, Pärnu Artist`s House, Estonia
X  International Biennial of Watercolours Mexico. Alfredo Guati Rojo National Watercolor Museum, Mexico City

Tartu Annual Exhibition. 
Tartu Art House. Estonia
Personal exhibition HERE AND NOW.
Kuressaare Art Gallery, Saaremaa, Estonia
Personal exhibition EXCITED SENSES.
Gallery TAM, Tallinn Estonia
Tartu Children Art School, former teachers creative exhibition.
Gallery Jakobi, Tartu
Value- Value Of The Crisis. Estonian Painters’ Association Annual Exhibition.
Gallery Vaal, Tallinn Estonia
SPRING EXHIBITION. 12th Annual Exhibition of the EAA.
Tallinn Art Hall
Gallery Aula, Brno Czech Republic
Exhibition of New Paintings- Estonian Painters’ Association. 
Modern Art Museum, Pärnu, Estonia
DAYLIGHT. International exhibition. 
Modern Art Museum, Pärnu, Estonia

Personal exhibition CHANGES III.
The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) Gallery SALA LAURA, Bruxelles, Belgium
Tartu Annual Exhibition. 
Tartu Art House. Estonia
Personal exhibition.
5 SENSES. International Joint exhibition.
Imatra Cultural Centre, Finland
DAY LIGHT. International joint exhibition.
Gallery Noorus, Tartu, Estonia
PORTRET. Estonian Painters` Association exhibition.
Jõhvi Contcert Hall, Estonia
Gallery Noorus, Tartu (curator Kaire Nurk)

Personal exhibition Changes.
Estemb in Belgium and Luxembourg, Avenue Isidore Gerard 1, Brussels 
Present to Arvo Pärt. 
Paide Culture Center
Tartu Annual Exhibition. 
Tartu Art House. Estonia
Estonian Painter`s Association exhibition. HausParty Vol2, Türi
Curator exhibition God`s Anatomy. Tartu Art House
Group exhibition Selfportret. Athena Center, Tartu
Estonian Painter`s Association exhibition “Blue”. Modern Art Museum, Pärnu
Estonian Painter`s Association exhibition HausParty Vol2. Haus gallery, Tallinn
Painterland. TAC exhibition. Gallery Noorus, Tartu

Personal exhibition 1+1 more than 2.
Pärnu City gallery Concert House
Tartu Annual Exhibition. Tartu Art House. Estonia
Personal exhibition Strife. Dragon Gallery, Tallinn
Personal exhibition Listening to Light. E- Kunstisalong, Tartu 
Personal exhibition Exposed. Rae Gallery, Town Hall in Kuressaare, Saaremaa, Estonia
Personal exhibition Turning Point. Tartu Art House, Estonia
Personal exhibition Klubi SHAH, Tallinn
The II International Independent Art Festival “THE LEVEL OF A SEA” Central Exhibition Hall «Manege», St.-Petersburg, Russia
International Portraits 2009. IBL State Art gallery, Port-Louis, Mauritius
Estonian Painter`s Association exhibition Maali Sona Vol 2. Tartu Art House, Estonia
Estonian Painter`s Association exhibition Vaba Kava. Võru Linnagalerii, Estonia
Participation the Member States of the EU Visual art exhibition. Opera Gallery, Budapest, Hungary
TAM gallery- Changing of Art, Tallinn
Club SHAH, Tallinn

Personal exhibition Through Wind and Fire. SEB Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia

Personal exhibition Relationships. Narva Museum- Art gallery, Estonia (with P. W. Petersen, Denmark)
Personal exhibition Together. Gallery Dandanell. Denmark
Estonian Painter´s Association Annual exhibition XL Tartu Art House
Estonian Painter`s Association exhibition Going over the edge Narva Museum- Art gallery
The World in Woman’s Eyes. International exhibition of women artists. House of Blackhead´s in Riga, Latvia Republic

Estonian Painter´s Association exhibition Perfect circle Gallery Artdepoo, Tallinn 
Estonian Painter´s Association Annual exhibition Äratus! Rotermann’s Salt Storage – Arts Centre, Tallinn

Personal exhibition Gallery Artarea, Tallinn
Ise-Loom. TAC group exhibition in TU Library

Personal exhibition Dance of Life III. Aquarium gallery, Atlantis, Tartu
Estonian Painter´s Assosiation exhibition The Right Choice. Tartu Art House
Trash. TAC group exhibition. Y- Gallery, Tartu
Personal exhibition Dance of Life IV. Estonian National Opera Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia
Personal exhibition Dance of Life II. Theatre Vanemuine, Tartu Estonia
Personal exhibition Dance of Life e-exhibition

Personal exhibition Dance of Life I. cafe Catwalk, Tartu
Code. TAC group exhibition in TU Library
Reflective Art. TAC group exhibition Y- Gallery, Tartu
All Together. TAC Alumns exhibition in Tartu Artists House

Estonian Painter`s Association exhibition Autoportrait. Tartu Artists House
Big and Small Things. TAC group exhibition in TU Library
Tammelinna Days, 2 Personal exhibitions, Tartu

Personal exhibition Engram Gallery of Tartu Children’s Art School, Tartu
Annual exhibition of Tartu Artists Assosation, Tartu Art House
Estonian Painters Association exhibition In One Row. Tartu Artist`s House
KUNSTI REMONT 10th Pärnu Art Summer. Theatre Endla, Pärnu
International art exhibition Lake. Maarja Gallery, Põlva
Estonian Painters Association Annual exhibition Ich bin eine maler. Tallinn Art Hall
Autoportrait. Tartu Art College (TAC) group exhibition, TU Library

Personal exhibition Somewhere Away. (with Gregory Slick, New York, USA), Dragon Gallery, Tallinn
Annual Exhibition. Tartu Artists House

Personal exhibition A Self- Spinning Wheel. Järve Center, Tallinn
Annual Exhibition. Tartu Artists House

In memoriam Ilmar Laaban. Gallery “Illegaard”, Tartu

Christ. Tartu Artists House

Personal exhibition 
An Eye. The Museum of New Art in Pärnu
Personal exhibition Silm- Salailm. Gallery Sebra. Tartu

Personal exhibition H. Heine Hause, Lüneburg, Germany (with A. Seppet and P. Allik)
Personal exhibition Tartu University Library
Abstraction. Tartu Art Museum

Personal exhibition Gallery Haihara. Tampere, Finland (with A. Kasemaa)
Personal exhibition Pärnu Town Museum, Estonia
Let’s Go. Tartu Art Museum
International art exhibition Lake. Maarja Gallery, Põlva
Personal exhibition Sidney 2000. Tartu Artist`s House (with A. Kasemaa)
Personal exhibition Theatre Ugala, Viljandi (with A. Kasemaa, L. Küüts)
Personal exhibition Jõgeva Culture Center, Estonia

Personal exhibition Tartu Writers House
Personal exhibition Germany Culture Institute, Tartu
Ilmar Laaban 75, Liljevalchs Art Museum, Sweden
Figural Art. Raatuse Gallery, Tallinn
Personal exhibition Põltsamaa Culture Center, Estonia
Personal exhibition Gallery Bremer. Karkkila, Finland (with E.Tegova )
Personal exhibition Theatre Savoy. Helsinki, Finland (with E.Tegova)
Personal exhibition Viljandi Culture Center, Estonia

Personal exhibition Gallery Becker Jyväskyla, Finland (with J. Luik)
Personal exhibition Pärnu Culture Center MAI
Mythical Spirit of Tartu, Tartu Artists House
Personal exhibition Estonian House, Stockholm, Sweden
Personal exhibition A Self-Spinning Wheel. Gallery Sammas. Tallinn

Personal exhibition A Self-Spinning Wheel. Tartu Artists House

Personal exhibition Tartu University Library
Free Will, Tartu Artist`s House

Personal exhibition Salon Aquarius Prosperitas. Tartu

Personal exhibition Art Gallery in Võru, Estonia
Art`91. Estonia Fairs, Blue Pavilion, Tallinn

Personal exhibition Tartu University Library
Between Stone and Body, Vääna – Jõesuu , Estonian – Finnish joint project

We-Muu_You. Muu-ry Finland, Colab USA, Avangartists Estonia joint project, Bilnas, Finland
Annual Exhibition of Tartu Artists. Tartu Art Museum

Abstraction. Tartu State Art Museum, Estonia

Tartu Art House, Estonia
Tartu Art Exhibition. Tartu State Art Museum, Estonia

Personal exhibition. Tartu University Library, Estonia
Tartu Art. Tallinn Art Hall

Personal exhibition Tartu University Library
Culture Center of Haapsalu, Estonia

Culture Center of Kohtla- Järve

Tartu Young Artists Exhibition in Põlva
Tartu Young Artists Group Exhibition in Võru

1982, 1983, 1986, 1987, 1988, 1989, 1991 Estonian Art Annual Exhibitions in Tallinn Art Hall

Estonian Aquarel Exhibitions in Tartu Art House
Tartu Young Artists Exhibition in Kohtla- Järvel

1981-1993 All Spring- and Autumn exhibitions in Tartu
1981, 1988, 1989, 1993 Exhibitions of Young Artists in Tartu