In 1992 fire consumed most of my paintings. In the tragedy
of my art`s ruin and the rambling existential feeling of my
own survival I tried to treat my desperation with black humour.
Wishing to recreate my works, I found myself in the absurdly merry situation of inventing the Wheel.
Meeting unforeseen possibilities of expressing the processes of life, I took to the bicycle as a means.
There is a well- known formula of art: “I know that it is not the thing it represents,
but I can clearly see that it is just the thing it represents.” I delight in making the mind an object for observation.
My interpretation of wheels is hidden between the wheels. The bicycle`s relations to the phenomena
of life can be direct and indirect, permanent and temporary, relevant and irrelevant,
accidental and inevitable.
As it is impossible to ride these bicycles in reality, I invite you along to think, to dream, to laugh—
for a make- believe ride.
I am like everybody else— a homo ludens.
Anybody can invent their own bicycle; my work is a vision of my bike.
September, 1993